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At the very first I could tell my stomach looked lifted and less wrinkled, In day one my husband was like "oh wow I can see a difference"... which is perfect, because he's who I wanted to look sexy for!

Jennilyn Wright

Thank you TruShape for shaving 2.75 inches from my torso in 50 minutes! All I had to do was lay there. The girl before me...lost 6 INCHES!!

Cindy Perry

After one treatment my hips feel smaller, they feel loser.... my pants are definitely looser.

Melissa Lunt

I was very impressed with TruShape and am excited for my second treatment (Thursday). I was very happy with the spa, location, the technician, and results.

Dianna Davis

My stomach has shrunk! I'm fitting into clothes that I haven't fit in since I had my babies! I'm having people tell me I'm looking good!

Bethany Clark

They use ultrasound and radio frequency technology to make your fat cells collapse on themselves and release all of those little fat particles for removal through the lymphatic system. Allen Naylor could give you more detail. Apparently avid runners use this system so that they have immediate energy available from all of those released fat cells, so their body is not so heavily taxed on long marathones, etc. I noticed the difference when I played ball a couple of days after having it done – definitely more energy!

Cindy Perry

Everyone asks me "how are you getting rid of the last little bit that you've been stuck with the last year?" I tell them... "I'm going through this treatment and it's the only thing that's worked!" Nothing has broken my plateau until now.

Scott Lewis

I feel so great! My clothes fit much better. I ♥ it!

Rebecca Walters

This RF Facial was AMAZING! I just had the facial I won today and am in LOVE with my face now, lol! j/k (not really that vain :) but it made it so smooth and tight--they took before & afters and it was scary impressive!

Laurie Vukich

I loved your facility and had a great experience. The atmosphere was great! I felt very comfortable. I felt the technician was very knowledge and professional. It far exceeded my expectations and I am excited to see further results over the next few weeks. I absolutely plan on coming back! I have not decided if I will do the same area or different. I have already told a few people and will continue. Adrienne and I plan on talking to our owner about your company. Thank you!

Bre Johnston

I was skeptical at first... but my shorts are feeling loser and people are coming up to me at the gym saying I'm looking really skinny and asking what i've been doing!


I didn't believe it would work, but after my first treatment i couldn't believe what it felt like! I came in wearing my tightest shirt, but when I left it was loose! I could wear it by itself in public!!!

Jody Smith

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