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Ultrasonic and RF Liposuction

Our Signature Body Contouring Treatment will eliminate and tighten those fatty pockets that just won’t go away. This treatment focuses on targeted fat removal and treating medium to severe cellulite. Fat and dimples can't hide from us! The treatment takes 50 minutes and will typically show an inch or more of loss in circumference. For full effect we recommend at least 3 treatments per area spaced 2 weeks apart. For those who maintain a healthy lifestyle the results are permanent, making this a painless and cost effective alternative to traditional liposuction. Don’t ever get poked or cut open again, we can do it for less money and no pain or recovery. Let your pocket book stay fat while you slim your waistline and contour the body back to your TruShape. We treat most areas of the body including, outer thigh, inner thigh, buttocks, calves, back, love handles, stomach, and arms.

Age Defense Facial

For those of us who have fallen victim to gravity and signs of experience, our Age Defense Facial can work miracles. We use Radio Frequency to lift and tighten the face by repairing the skin and regenerating collagen, taking years off almost instantly. Don’t use surgery or injections to solve a simple problem, we can show you the same results for a fraction of the cost using our safe, non-invasive, and painless procedure. Come in and relax while we RF your wrinkles and worries away. The treatment works well to refine pores and restore your youthful glow. You won’t regret this procedure and you will leave feeling younger and rejuvenated.

Body Treatments

Our body RF Treatment is great for small areas of sagging skin that can come after pregnancy, age, or recent weight loss. It is recommended for mild cellulite, and smoothing and contouring uneven sections of skin. It works to diminish the appearance of stretch marks and scars and restore youthful texture. Don’t let surgeons tell you “cutting is the only option," come in for a FREE consultation and see how we can do it without needles or knives; using a procedure that is painless, effective, and worry free. After our treatments you won’t be shy about wearing that tank-top to the mall, or bikini/board shorts to the pool. Feel confident in your skin and get back to your TruShape.

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