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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TruShape and What is the process?

Is there a cost for the consultation?

Does the Ultrasound Hurt?

Does the Ultrasound cause hearing loss?

Does the Radio Frequency Hurt?

What is Radio Frequency Treatment and how long does it last?

How long is the Ultrasonic and RF Liposuction Treatment?

What areas can I treat with Ultrasonic and RF Liposcution?

On what areas can I have an RF Treatment?

How many treatments do I need for one area?

Do you have package discounts?

How often can I get treated?

How often can I have RF Treatments?

Is this safe?

What kind of results can I expect?

Will I lose weight?

Is this for everyone?

How do prices compare?

Is this like Cool Sculpting?

How is TruShape different?

How does this benefit Athletes?

What Does Low Frequency Ultrasound Do?

How Long Has This Technology Been Around?

What is TruShapeExpress

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